So you want to RolePlay with us? Well It's appricated you want to jump in the great world of Pony RP. Well that's all great but we urge you to keep reading to RP guide. 


Your spelling in you RP tweets is very important. If you tweet like this *Ispkeck too the pony at th* i'ts just emparssing -_- not only for you but for us too! We would like for you to proofread your tweets. If you cant spell a word dont tweet it use something else. Your tweets have to be proofread becuase i'ts best for us and you.


When you mention someone, we expect you to tweet such as... "I asked @adp_Dashie where my book was but she didint know where it was too!" we beg you not to Tweet like this " @adp_Dashie I asked Dash but she didint know where it was too!" What's the problem? Well when you mention someone use there account name when you well tweet there name. EX: "* she troted by @adp_AppleJack* Hey AJ." Hope this helped you! any more help contact our Mod and maybe your qeustions will be posted on here! Have a great RP time! (: